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Retainers in Los Angeles

are essential for use especially after undergoing any dental procedure such as obtaining dental braces to align your teeth. With time, your teeth tend to shift occasionally. Thus, a retainer helps to maintain and keep them set in their new positions after removing your braces.

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Why Choose Top Dentist In La Office To Get A Retainer:

To enhance alignment of your bones with your gums In most cases, after getting braces to align your teeth to the right position, the bones and gums that surround your teeth tend to take a bit longer to get aligned also. For such a case, Retainers in Los Angeles help to accelerate the alignment process to ensure that your teeth stay set.

Retainers enable your teeth to stay set in their new position Take note that using braces to move your teeth is a significant change for your mouth. The time your teeth take to adapt to the changes may be a bit longer. It is essential that you use a retainer to hold your teeth firmly until they get used to their new position.

Retainers prevent a reversal of your dental procedure As soon as you take off your braces, your teeth begin moving back to their initial position. Depending on your case, you ought to wear a retainer for several months or even a couple of years to prevent the reversal from taking place.

It helps to stabilize your gum and bone tissues Your teeth structure contains soft bone and gum tissues. As soon as you take off your braces, the soft tissues must be given ample time to adapt to the new changes in teeth positioning. To prevent a reverse in treatment or relapse, you should wear your retainer for at least two months to allow your teeth to stabilize in their new arrangement.

Maintains space for the accommodation of a new set of teeth You can use a retainer at the time when your new set of teeth and wisdom teeth erupt. The retainer helps to maintain the space needed by your jaw to accommodate the growing teeth and also ensures that your teeth don’t overcrowd or shift due to minimum space.

They are used to correct wrong dental habits Retainers do a lot more other than setting your teeth into place. They also help to correct poor dental habits such as grinding and clenching teeth in the night. With a retainer, you probably won’t close your mouth entirely while sleeping, which is helpful in alleviating the clenching and grinding.

Help to correct speech impediments To the advantage of children, retainers can help to correct the defects in their speech by adjusting the placement of the tongue. This enables them to form sounds properly over time as they continue to develop their vocabulary.

Retainers help to improve the breathing process Retainers do so much more than placement of your teeth. The unique types help to minimize the issues of snoring or having trouble breathing at night.

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