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Cosmetic Dentist

Like you can already tell from the name, cosmetic dentistry is more about appearances than simply correcting dental conditions.

It involves a number of procedures from simple to more complicated ones with the sole aim of making your smile more attractive. Celebrities are known to go for this procedure but with the increase in awareness, many people are considering it as well. It all begins with a visit to a cosmetic dentist Los Angeles who will conduct an examination and decide on the right procedure for your teeth.

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Procedures Performed At Top Dentist In La

There is no doubt that different dental structures will require different approaches to improve your smile. Some of the procedures that can be performed at Top Dentist in LA include the following:

The first procedure that is quite easy and commonly used to improve the smile of an individual is teeth bleaching. White teeth, unlike discolored teeth, are believed to give someone a better smile and that is why many people go for bleaching. Among the methods used to make teeth whiter include using over the counter products, booking an in-office session, and undergoing a dental procedure. It is advisable that you visit the dentist first before choosing the method to use for teeth whitening.

Among the reasons why some people’s smiles are not as attractive as others’ is because of oversized and unshapely teeth. This includes everything like crooked teeth, chipped or overlapping teeth, and the right correction can only be done by an experienced cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. Reshaping will focus on the length and the position of the teeth all of which can be corrected in a single session. It is worth noting that only patients with healthy teeth are likely to be considered for this procedure.

Most of Dr. Goodman’s veneers placed 20 years ago are still serving patients well. Of course some were replaced, mainly because what was considered a shade of white back then is not white enough today.

Another procedure that can be considered an effective alternative to the ones mentioned above is the use of veneers. These are thin layers of porcelain that are used over teeth to correct their shape and change the color. Veneers are designed to match an individual’s teeth structure and can be over crooked, irregularly shaped, discolored, or spaced teeth.

The good thing about this procedure is that you will more likely not need anesthesia since the procedure is painless. You will more likely need to pay more than one visit to your dentist with one of them including a lab session to get the structure of your teeth.

Of all the cosmetic dentistry procedure, crowning is the most expensive and time-consuming. In this procedure, the unshapely and discolored teeth are crowned to restore their shapes and colors. Before being considered eligible for the procedure, your cosmetic dentist Los Angeles will examine your condition and check for suitability. It is usually the last option when all the other procedures are thought ineffective.

The resin material is used in the bonding procedure to improve the appearance of the teeth. The resin used on an individual is usually chosen so as to match their teeth color. Bonding can be used to correct cracked, chipped, and discolored teeth. This procedure takes less than an hour to be completed.

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