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Sleep Apnea

There is a wide variety of sleep apnea in Los Angeles It gets hectic and frustrating when one does not get enough sleep.

It is even more frustrating when you realize that you have a condition that makes it extremely difficult and at times even impossible to sleep. This condition is commonly known as sleep apnea the full medical term however is Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Facilities that offer treatment for sleep apnea are common in Los Angeles; it is estimated that about eighteen millions of grown-ups suffer from sleep apnea.

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How to identify sleep apnea?

There are some indicators that might be early warnings that you are suffering from sleep apnea.

A person who often snores and, at times, might appear not to be breathing might have sleep apnea. Oversleeping and still feeling like you did not have enough sleep is another indicator.

Concentration difficulties, irritation even with the slightest things and a decline in performance of their duties are other signs that might indicate an individual is suffering from sleep apnea.

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Causes of sleep apnea:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that occurs when your breathing is disrupted when you are sleeping.

Most frequently this occurs when the muscles of the tongue and throat are at ease in your sleep. As a result of these muscles relaxing the flow of air can reduce and the airway can become obstructed. The reduction in airflow leads to a reduction in the amount of oxygen present in the bloodstream. This reduction in oxygen present in the bloodstream send an alarm to the brain waking you up in order for the airway to open up and alleviate the obstruction.

When you eventually fall asleep again, there is a reduction in the airflow, and the cycle goes on and on an entire night. By morning you will have lost huge chunks of sleep. For individuals suffering from sleep apnea in Los Angeles it can be very frustrating and a major inconvenience especially if you have days that are ever buzzing with activity. Getting a way to alleviate this condition can, therefore, be a saving grace for such an individual. Scientists have made claims that when the condition is left untreated for a long duration of time, it might result to other illnesses such as early death, diabetes and high blood pressure.

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The UAS therapy work treatment

UAS therapy can be described as a system that is implanted to control the patient. During bedtime, the therapy is turned on. This therapy device is made up of three parts namely the lead breathing sensor, a lead for stimulation and a tiny generator.

The UAS therapy device is used in the observation of the breathing when one is sleeping. The device keeps the muscles in the airway open by sending mild stimulus. When this method is being used the patient should not wear an oral appliance or a mask. The devices and techniques are intended to offer you the comfort of the highest quality possible and help you sleep peacefully throughout the night.

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