TMJ Therapy In Los Angeles

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TMJ Therapy in Los Angeles

TMJ disorders can result in severe pain in the muscles that control jaw movement, as well as pain in the joint of your jaw.

The pain can be as a result of some factors such as injuries to the jaws, genetics or arthritis. Whichever the case, TMJ Therapy in Los Angeles can help ease the discomfort and pain that is brought about by the disorder. Consider visiting Top Dentist in LA as a solution of last resort after all other conservative measures have not been successful.

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To manage or treat your TMJ disorder, consider the following useful tips:

TMJ Therapy seeks to ensure that you massage the area around your jaws to enhance the circulation of blood in the area and relieve tightness in your muscles. To get the best out of it, you should also:

Rub the muscles found on the sides of your neck. Press the sore tissues inside your mouth firmly with your forefinger as you alternate in massaging them. Occasionally, open your mouth and massage the muscles that are found near your temporomandibular joints by your ears.

You should refrain from activities that keep your jaws busy throughout the day. To achieve this, you should:

Lighten the load that you carry on one shoulder. Avoid clenching or grinding your teeth during situations such as stress. Do exercises for at least 30 minutes daily. Do regular meditations such as yoga to relax your muscles. Refrain from chewing gum, chewing pencils and pen clips or biting your fingernails. As for your eating habits, spare your jaws from working on very crunchy foods such as beef, carrots, and apples among others. While eating your meals, bite smaller food portions to avoid overworking your jaws.

Adding a few milligrams of powdered calcium or magnesium minerals to your morning drink such as pineapple or orange juice will help to relax and minimize tension your jaw muscles. As much as the powdered minerals are dissolved and absorbed more quickly by your body, substituting them with capsules will work fine.

Using cold packs on your jaw joints for not more than twenty minutes can help ease the sharp pain that results from TMJ. The cold sensation plays an essential role in cooling your nerves and keeping them numb, minimizing pain from being transmitted to your brain. For pain that is not that severe, a warm pack is better off in relaxing your jaw muscles and increasing blood flow in the area surrounding the jaws.

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