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Quality Posts and Crowns to Give You a Natural Smile

As the name suggests, post and crown is a dental procedure that involves the combination of both a post and a dental crown. A post is placed deep into the root canal to provide anchorage for the dental crown which is placed over it to look like the natural tooth.

In other instances, another component known as the core is included in the procedure, but it is usually attached to the post eliminating the need to name it separately.

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Quality Posts and Crowns to Give You a Natural Smile blog blog about Quality Posts and Crowns to Give You a Natural Smile

So, what is posts and crowns in Los Angeles all about?

For the post and crown procedure at Top Dentist In LA, sometimes known as post crown, to be done, a root canal should have preceded to create room for the post that extends deep into the root of the tooth to provide the needed support of the crown.

When are posts used?

Since the dental crown will be working as the natural tooth, for grinding and crushing, it will need to have the optimal support into the gums. That is where the post comes in. It helps to ensure that the crown will be able to perform its duties for years to come.

There are mainly two instances when to seek posts and crowns in Los Angeles

If after a root canal treatment your remaining tooth is weak to support the crown, a post will be installed into the root canal and a core placed over it to support the crown. This would create a solid foundation for the crown. Should the crown be placed without the post-installation first, there is the risk of, the tooth cracking and breaking off. The other instance you will need a post is when you have a tooth fracture at the gum line leaving only a tooth stub but no crown. The dentist will have to install a post and a core that will provide support for the crown. This procedure is usually used when the front teeth are broken – those that are not usually used to crush and grind. Types of posts

Problems associated with posts and crowns

Fracture of the tooth

When done correctly, posts and crowns in Los Angeles should work properly and normally. However, when a mistake is made during the installation of the post and crown, there will be high chances of tooth fractures due to too much pressure.

Post coming out

This is common if the cementing used to hold the post in position fails. There may still be a chance to save the tooth and have the post replaced. The remedy might be the use of a longer post.

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