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Dentistry has, for a larger part of the modern history, been about fixing the teeth but not the health of the patient. In essence, these are temporary fixes which in many cases involve the use of toxic chemicals that can harm your health.

Holistic dentistry, from the word ‘whole,’ is more about treating the entire body than the teeth alone. A holistic dentist in Los Angeles does not operate like the average doctor. They focus on your whole health starting from the teeth. Holistic dentistry has been in existence for longer than you may think. And since the practice is aimed at promoting the health of the patient rather than treating the disease, it comes with many benefits.

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Here are a few benefits you can get from holistic dentistry at the Top Dentist In LA:

Deals with the whole health

As mentioned before, a holistic dentist does not look at your oral health alone – they deal with the wellness of the entire body. They try to find the relationship between dental health and that of the whole body. As such, while treating the oral disease, the dentists will be looking at the possibility of the disease being caused by an unhealthy body and vice versa. Among the conditions they can help with, apart from those affecting the teeth include sinusitis, irritable bowel, heartburn, chronic fatigue and mood disorders.

There is use natural options

While the traditional dentist will be fast to use the chemical substances while treating any dental condition you have, a holistic dentist in Los Angeles will seek the natural alternatives. Better yet, they will not likely opt for pulling teeth when infected by root canal problems. Instead, they will encourage you to eat a balanced diet that will ensure your dental health. That would include cutting the consumption of sugar, eat yellow butter and drink raw milk as remedies for dental diseases.

Minimal to no use of X-Rays

Many dental conditions usually require the use of X-Rays to determine the disease, but this is something that holistic dentistry tries to avoid. A study concluded that patients who have had regular dental X-Rays at a higher risk of developing brain tumor compared to those that have never been exposed to any radiation. A holistic dentist will use the digital X-ray scanner sparingly to reduce the exposure to radiations.

No use of amalgam and fluoride treatments

Teeth filling is one of the most common procedures, but the health implications are major. The material used in the filling, amalgam, has about 50% mercury, a toxic substance.

Mercury can find its way into the blood and into the tissues where it will be stored and cause diseases. Holistic dentistry, on the other hand, uses composite fillings to cut the use of amalgam. The other type of treatment that has been taken to be safe but is not is the use of fluoride to treat cavities. Recent body of research has revealed the health risks posed by the use of fluoride treatments, which include arthritis, brain damage, bone cancer, muscle disorder, and dementia among others. A holistic dentist in Los Angeles will use less toxic materials as remedies.

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