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Dental Bonding

Maybe you have heard about dental bonding but have no idea what it means. Well, this piece looks at everything you need to know about the dental procedure.

In simple terms, dental bonding in Los Angeles involve application of a durable plastic material (resin) onto the tooth and later hardened using a special light. This material bonds with the tooth and is usually used with the aim of either restoring or improving the patient’s smile.

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When will the dentist use dental bonding?

Besides improving or restoring your smile, dental bonding can be used for a number of reasons. They include:

  • The resin is filled into the cavities of decayed teeth
  • To repair cracked and chipped teeth
  • To close the gaps found between teeth of some people
  • To coat discolored teeth to look like the original color
  • To change the shape and length of the teeth
  • To cover part of the teeth’s roots exposed due to gum recession

The teeth boding procedure

Dental bonding in Los Angeles is not a complicated procedure. The main aim is to apply the resin material, but before that, the tooth will have to be prepared. The following is a breakdown of the bonding procedure at Top Dentist In LA:


ust like many other dental procedures, there will have to be a preparation of the teeth that need bonding before the application of the resin material. In many instances, you will undergo the procedure without anesthesia since it is not painful. However, when the chip to be corrected is close to the nerves, or the dentist is filling a decayed tooth, or the teeth have to be drilled and shaped, then you will be put under anesthesia to subdue the pain. Remember that the resin color should match that of your tooth unless they are discolored. That would require close examination.


After that, the surface of the tooth onto which the bonding process is to take place gets roughened, and an initial conditioning liquid applied. This is aimed at enhancing the adherence of the bonding material. What follows is the application of the tooth-colored resin material. It is then molded and smoothened to the shape of the tooth or a desired shape and length. A bright color or laser will then be used to harden the material before it is further shaped and polished.

Duration of the procedure

Many people like to know how long the dental bonding procedure takes. Well, since it only deals with the application of the resin material, the procedure will take about half an hour to a full hour per tooth, depending on the required shaping and sizing.

What are the pros and cons of using dental bonding?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are usually taken to be expensive but dental bonding in Los Angeles is considerably less expensive than the others. in fact, you can have many teeth bonded with a visit to the office.

You will not need to visit the as it the case with veneers and crowns. Also, the use of anesthesia is not necessary. The disadvantages of using bonding including staining, breaking the tooth, and the fact they are the most durable option for the task they perform.

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