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Posts for Teeth and Crowns

Imagine you have lost most of your tooth structure, broken them off completely, and / or almost no tooth structure is visible, just your roots. This damage could be due to extensive decay or an accident, as shown in this picture below.

post 1

A dentist cannot place any crowns on these teeth, since there is not enough tooth structure available to cement a crown. In this case, we fabricate special custom-made posts made from a very strong and biocompatible material. You can choose gold, titanium, or a porcelain-like material (white post).

These posts are cemented inside the tooth canal shown in the picture above.

This canal is enlarged by the dentist and the post is cemented with a special cement inside this canal.

post 2
post 3
post 4
Single crowns were fabricated individually for each post. This 76-year-old gentleman has his teeth back again.
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