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Welcome to the Top Cosmetic Dentists in Los Angeles

Dr. Lisa Kim and Dr. Joseph Goodman, the top dentists in LA practice all aspects of modern dentistry and specialize in creating the most beautiful smiles with all porcelain restorations such as veneers, crowns and bondings.

Cosmetic Dentistry consists of Invisalign “invisible braces”, laser teeth whitening, laser dentistry, dental implants and more. Joseph Goodman, DDS, DMD graduated from dental school at the prestigious University of Aachen, Germany, which is ranked as one of Europe’s top dental schools. He achieved additional post-graduate training from UCLA and USC. While attending the University of Aachen, Germany he participated in the department of Prosthodontics, restorative dentistry with emphasis on large, complex and combination (implants) cases. He also travels internationally to perform cosmetic dentistry.

Who is the Top Dentist in Los Angeles?

Dr. Lisa Kim relocated from Colorado to Los Angeles. She is best known for her gentle and thorough work. She is an expert with our dental laser tool and patients rate her cleanings the best in the city. Top Dentist in LA Dr. Joseph Goodman is an international dentist, who holds a European and US dental license. He practiced dentistry in the city of Duesseldorf, Germany for a couple of years before moving to the US in 1998. He opened his Los Angeles practice in 2003.

Dr. Goodman is an accredited member of the most prestigious dental organizations in the world such as:

  • International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicity.
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Beverly Hills Academy of Dentistry
  • German Dental Association
  • German Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
  • International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics
  • Royal British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
  • The American, California and Los Angeles Dental Societies.

Dr. Goodman was one of the first top dentists in Germany to use porcelain veneers in the early ’90s when veneers were not as commonly used due to limitations in adhesion and materials available. Colleagues’ back then often dismissed Dr. Goodman’s efforts in achieving dental excellence with porcelain veneers as “unrealistic”, “short term”, and “unpredictable”, not understanding the full potential of veneers in cosmetic dentistry. Most of Dr. Goodman’s veneers placed nearly 20 years ago are still serving patients well and Dr. Goodman has placed over 10,000 veneers throughout his career. Being on the forefront of cosmetic dentistry today, Dr. Goodman is an internationally sought after dentist; being flown out to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain for cosmetic dentistry.

Patients of the Top Dentist in LA

Dr. Lisa Kim and Dr. Joseph Goodman’s patients include but are not limited to dentists, physicians, celebrities, respected TV anchors, models and beauty pageant contestants. He has served as the personal dentist of all Miss California beauty queens for the past 5 years. Many local beauty pageant contestants choose him for smile makeovers before competing in the Miss California and Miss USA pageants. He is chosen as the dentist who treats guests of the famous Dr. Phil Show. He is entrusted to prepare guests to be camera ready. Dr. Goodman has appeared as the expert cosmetic dentist on KTLA’s Emmy and Oscar segments as well as on The Doctor’s. He has been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles as well as received several awards and certificates.

Reconstructive Dentist, Full Mouth Rehabilitation & Comprehensive Dentistry.

A completely satisfying smile makeover requires a dentist with years of hands-on experience and know how skill, the dentist must be trained extensively in the field of Gnathology, full mouth occlusion (bite) analysis, centric relation, and temporal mandibular joint (TMJ). Due to his background Dr. Goodman, Expert Dentist in LA is able to perform complicated and difficult cases of partial and full mouth reconstruction, placements of the most beautiful “Natural” or “Hollywood” type porcelain veneers.

Bio-compatible Dentistry

Dr. Goodman uses the latest restorative materials, free of BPA, phosphates, mercury and free of lead, so your new crowns and fillings will not have a negative effect on your overall health. We also offer safe mercury filling removal, ozone dentistry, and referral to a holistic healthcare practitioner, and more.

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