Comfortable and Bio-compatible Dentistry In Los Angeles

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Comfortable and Bio-compatible Dentistry

Dentistry no longer has to only be about treating your dental disease. You can opt for the biocompatible dentistry in Los Angeles where the dentist will pay attention to more than just the affected tooth – they will focus on the entire body.

They do this by ensuring that the patient is safe with the remedies they use, and will more likely not use the toxic substances used in treating dental infections like cavities. If this concept is new to you, this piece has all you need to know about the same. It is a practice that you can find at Top Dentist In LA.

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Comfortable and Bio-compatible Dentistry Blog Comfortable and Bio-compatible Dentistry

The philosophy is different

Biocompatible dentistry, commonly known as holistic dentistry involves taking the wellness of the entire body into consideration. The dentist will want to know your current state of health, the previous health issues and the medications you are using before handling your condition. They have a better understanding of how the health of your whole body is connected to oral health and vice versa. As such, they will come up with better and alternative cures like eating a balanced diet and cutting smoking.

No use of toxins

For a long time, the use of chemicals to treat many dental infections have been considered to be safe for the patient’s health, but recent studies have shown otherwise. For instance, the use of amalgam in filling cavities when treating tooth decay allows for the passage of mercury, which forms about 50% of the substance, into the blood and tissues. This can lead to many health complications. As an alternative, they use more natural substances to fill up the cavities.

May not use fluoride treatments

Biocompatible dentistry in Los Angeles does not use fluoride chemicals when treating patients. It has been shown that such treatments can have adverse side effects to the body unlike what was believed in the past. Fluoride treatments have been associated with mental problems, bone cancer, muscle disorders and arthritis among other health complications. Holistic dentists will more likely use natural substances in the treatment of dental infections.

Natural alternatives

The traditional dental X-rays produce a lot of radiation which can cause several disorders including brain tumors. With biocompatible dentistry, the digital radiography machines are used to reduce the exposure to such radiation whenever possible. Better yet, these machines use sensors instead of film and results come in real time. You have the option of zooming in and analyzing the images better than when using the traditional X-rays.

Digital X-rays

As the name suggests, biocompatible dentistry in Los Angeles is more concerned with natural substances than chemicals when dealing with dental issues. In the root canal procedure, for example, holistic dentists will opt for tooth pulling as a last resort. They will encourage more natural remedies like eating a balanced diet that will promote oral health. They believe that at the best health, no one should be faced with dental infections. They may also instruct you to drink raw milk, eat yellow butter and reduce the intake of sugar.

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