Biocompatible Dentistry Los Angeles

Biocompatible dentistry Los Angeles involves choosing dental products and materials that are compatible with your health to prevent any reactions to the immune system that might be brought about by dental restorations.

This type of dentistry goes far beyond your physical being.

It also ensures that the overall effects of your emotional and spiritual beings are put into consideration.

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Biocompatible Dentistry majors in the following areas:

  • Health safety of the dental team

In the process of setting, or removing materials during a biocompatible dentistry dental procedure, dental practitioners are prone to chronic exposure, which may put their health at risk. The compatibility of the dental materials is relevant to the health of the dental team in that they should not suffer any risks that are bound to be brought about by the effects of the biomaterials to be used.

  • Safety of the patient

Under no circumstances should a patient, whether a child or adult, experience any harm during a surgical procedure. Biocompatible dentistry seeks to ensure that there is no occurrence of adverse reactions from dental materials such as resins, cement, and alloys.

  • Liability issues

From a legal standpoint, liability issues are as well important to the Top Dentist in LA since he or she is the one who experiences legal risks when handling dental materials. Issues to do with biocompatibility tend to influence liability issues directly.

  • Compliance with the rules and regulations of dental practice

Biocompatibility issues are closely linked to the policies which govern dental practice, hence affecting dental practitioners directly. Compliance with these rules and regulations ensures that dental personnel is exposed to minimal risks.


X rays  emit radiation, however some xrays are necessary in order to properly diagnose cavities and other possible issues. Digital x-ray machines emit about 90% less radiation than previous models of x-ray machines, and also provide clearer images to help dentists diagnose any problems correctly.

 The combination of digital x-rays and a minimalistic approach to taking x-rays helps patients to avoid any unnecessary exposure to radiation. Of course the proper lead aprons with a thyroid collar and a lead cap to protect the head also helps reduce the amount of exposure to the radiation from x-rays.

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